Choosing the right stories

Current events that we concentrate on and believe to be the most important is greatly affected by media in the form of agenda setting. Media are experts when it comes to agenda setting. By placing a headline on the front page, they have already told you what the top story is. When the media chooses to cover a story involving deer it will usually only be a short article covering a deer attack, vehicle collision or news regulations concerning deer management. Of these stories that are covered by media, the local media will only cover them. That has changed though with social media, certain groups such as the National Deer Alliance concentrate on making all deer management news available.

Last week there was a story reported out of West Virginia where Governor Earl Ray Tomblin signed a new deer bill into law. Stories like these will be covered by the media for only a short time. Because this law only effects a select number of people who are directly impacted by this law, the coverage will be confined to a small area.

Courtesy of WV MetroNews,
Courtesy of WV MetroNews

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